Craft beer



Craft beer

Who doesn’t enjoy this cold beverage after a long day of work or on a sunny day
in a company of your favourite group of people? Craft beer in Copenhagen
is becoming more and more popular so why not jump on that boat and

join the beer lovers to discover its many flavours?

But what is it? What does “craft beer” actually mean? 

Craft beer can be defined as a beer made in a traditional way by a smaller brewery. 

So what’s the deal? Why is everyone talking about craft beer now? It’s just beer, isn’t it? Well .. yes and no.

Craft beer differs from mass produced beer in a number of subtle ways:

  • It is made by individuals with the love for beer, with specific ingredients and in smaller batches.
  • Where mass produced beer usually has a pale yellow colour, craft beer can take a variety of colors depending on the brew.
  • Craft beers are also more about specific flavour palate. They are served between 10-13 degrees Celsius, whereas domestic beers are typically served as cold as possible.

I am not trying to argue that craft beer is BETTER than its mass produced counterpart but .. You know .. It kind of IS..

  • You will most likely not find two craft beers that are exactly the same. This is because of the variety there is out there and the fact that each one is brewed specifically with flavour in mind. 
  • Some crafts are extra special because they are limited and seasonal.
  • Since the brewery is smaller and usually local, it is easier to meet the people who created your favourite drink. Catch them on board during a nice day and we're sure you will get some interesting stories out of them.
    Or take a road trip to their birth place and more than likely, the brewer will be somewhere to show you around and talk about their passion.

Pale Lager/ Pilsner

  • light to medium bodied
  • light to medium hoppy
  • clean
  • malt character
  • usually between 3.5% and 5%
  • golden color
  • conditioned at low temperature

Brown Ale

  • dark amber/ brown color
  • malt flavours
  • tends to be around 5% to 6%
  • traditionally: lightly hopped & produced from brown malt
  • aromas: nutty, caramel and coffee 


  • New England
    - hoppy
    - bitter & fruity
    - usually between 5.8% - 10%
    - hazy 
  • Session
    -  mild hops
    - more on fruity side
    - usually 3.5 % - 5.5%
  • West Coast
    - bitter
    - mostly filtered & clean in color
    - usually between 6% and 8%

Wheat beer

  • beer with wheat used in brewing
  • full mouthfull
  • hazy texture
  • sweet flavours
  • creamy texture
  • typically between 4.5 % - 5.5%


  • bitter flavours
  • malt character 
  • darker colored
  • usually between 5% - 7 %
  • high in hops
  • served at 2 - 5 degrees


  • top-fermented
  • dark in color
  • made using roasted malt or barley
  • traditionally the strongest porters
  • Different styles: Imperial, milk, aged
  • common ingrediets: coffee, chocolate, vanilla & vanilla
  • aged commonly in whissky or rum barells
  • Imprial stounts: 10% - 20%
    Normal stouts: 8% - 14%

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